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Long Term Car Storage Peoria IL

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Put Your Vehicles Away in the Long Term Car Storage Peoria IL Offers

Has the season come and past to show off your fancy sports car? Your classic Mustang or Corvette may be the talk of the town, but you can’t risk keeping it out all winter long. Especially for older and restored cars, the harsh weather in Illinois can become burdensome. That’s why All Star Mini Storage offers long term car storage Peoria IL residents can take advantage of when needing to store their vehicles for a few months.

Don’t Store Your Car Without Proper Care

It’s best to do a thorough check of your car before putting it away for an extended time. Giving it the proper care can make sure you get it back in the same condition you left it. Follow these few steps before placing your car in long term storage:

  • Check your fluids and filters. This includes changing oil, brake fluid, coolant, your cabin filter and anything else.
  • Fill up your gas. By having a full take of gas, you ensure moisture won’t build up in your tank and your seals are kept properly lubricated.
  • Use fuel stabilizer. If you plan on keeping your car in storage longer than a few months, fuel stabilizer makes sure your car will run.
  • Undo your battery. This helps to reduce battery drainage and prevent corrosion. Additionally, you can attach your battery to a slow charger to keep it full.
  • Clean the outside. Make sure it is properly washed and waxed before being placed in storage. You don’t want to leave dirt or stains that could damage your paint.
  • Clean the inside. Don’t leave any garbage or food in your car. This will rot or may attract rodents.
  • Remove important documents. Take out your car insurance and registration papers, in case you need them while your car is put away.
  • Rotate and inflate your tires. Adding extra air to your tires can help stop developing flat spots.
  • Release your parking break. The rubber can stick to your rotors, ruining both your brake and rotors.
  • Put up or remove your windshield wipers. Rubber on these can also stick to your windshield and potentially ruin both.

What Else Does All Star Mini Storage Offer?

Long Term Car Storage Peoria IL, long term car storage, car storage, mini storage, mini storage units

Beyond long term car storage in Peoria IL, we offer other storage options for your vehicles and personal belongings:

  • 270 mini units ranging from 50 to 200 square feet
  • 24-hour access to your storage units
  • Drive-up access
  • Rates starting at $48 per month
  • No deposit required
  • Outdoor RV storage
  • Outdoor boat storage
  • Extra-wide parking for RVs and boats

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