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Mini Storage Peoria IL

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Secure Mini Storage in Peoria IL for Your Valuables

Are you running out of room, and have nowhere left to keep your possessions? Or maybe it’s the offseason, and you need a place to store your recreational vehicles? Whatever your storage needs, you can find mini storage Peoria IL locals rely on with All Star Mini Storage.

All Star Mini Storage is the most secure place to take your vehicles and valuables. Located directly adjacent to the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office, we couldn’t be any safer unless we were in the office itself!

Our attention to our customers and 24-hour access allow us to provide the best service to Peoria and the surrounding area. Whether you are moving offices and need to store desks and furniture or are looking to keep your car safe this winter, All Star Mini Storage has you covered.

How Can You Ensure Safe Keeping?

All Star Mini Storage takes security seriously when it comes to protecting your property. Our storage location is exceptionally secure, with our site near the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office. We also take extra care and provide frequent patrols of our facility and 24/7 surveillance.

However, if you want to take extra steps in keeping your mini storage unit secure, here are a few ideas for locking and organizing your space:

  • Solid Lock
    • When you purchase a lock for your unit, we suggest getting a round lock. These locks are more difficult to cut off with bolt cutters due to not having a long shackle.
  • Keep a Record
    • To keep track of every item in your storage unit, make a list of what’s in it. So then, if something were to go missing, you would know right away, and we could help resolve the issue.
  • Valuables in the Back
    • When arranging the contents of your mini storage, place your most valuable items in the back. If a burglary ever occurs, property at the end of a unit is rarely reached.
  • Keep it Tidy
    • Organize items and boxes neatly, and in a way that is convenient for you. You want to be able to reach what you can, but not risk collapses by stacking too high.

Why Might You Need Self Storage?

Depending on your life situation, whether you’re getting ready for a big move or coming back home from college, self storage might be the right option for you.

Mini Storage Peoria IL, mini storage, mini storage unit, locked storage unit, secure storage unit, secure mini storage, locked mini storage
  • Moving
    • Picking up and moving to a new house can be a big commitment for anyone. However, if you downsized in home size or haven’t finalized where you’re going, you need extra storage. A storage unit offers a convenient location to keep your furniture and personal belongings.
  • Beginning and Ending Relationships
    • When looking to move in with a loved one, both of your possessions combined may be too much. Conversely, if you and a significant other are ending a relationship, where are you going to keep all your property? For both the good and the bad, a personal storage unit can help.
  • Homecoming
    • Your child has spent all year away at school, but now summer break has come. Now comes the pain of moving your kid out of their dormitory and back home. However, instead of lugging home all their belongings (and bringing everything again the next year), keep those items safe in secure storage.
  • Change of Seasons
    • Summer has come and gone, and now you have no use for your boat, camper and other recreational vehicles until next year. And so those vehicles aren’t taking up space in your garage or driveway, you can rent space to stow them away until next season.

The Best Fit

If you decide to rent space from All Star Mini Storage, we have a variety of unit options for you to choose from. Depending on how much storage you need, we offer 5×10, 10×10 and 10×20 sq. ft. units. Additionally, we have outdoor spaces for vehicle storage.

  • 5×10 Unit
    • For an accommodating space about the size of a small walk-in closet, a 5×10 sq. ft. unit is your best bet. With the right organization, you can fit small boxes and furniture, along with seasonal items and various other supplies.
  • 10×10 Unit
    • The next size up for storage is our 10×10 sq. ft. units. These units are about the size of half of a one-car garage. Items like couches, chairs, large boxes, bedroom sets and more fit nicely in this space.
  • 10×20 Unit
    • Our biggest units, the 10×20 sq. ft. units, hold an incredible amount in them. If moving houses, you could fit most or all your furniture and other possessions in this space. Additionally, smaller vehicles fit nicely in this one-car garage sized unit.
  • Outdoor Storage
    • For those who wish to park vehicles for an extended period, there is plenty of outdoor storage available at All Star Mini Storage. From motorcycles and compact cars to boats and RVs, we have plenty of space for your vehicles.

All Star Stores More

Mini Storage Peoria IL, mini storage, mini storage unit, locked storage unit, secure storage unit, secure mini storage, locked mini storage

All Star Mini Storage provides many options for customers looking to store vehicles and property. Our units range in size and are the most affordable prices when looking at the other mini storage Peoria IL offers. When storing with All Star, we can guarantee:

  • Long-term storage
  • 5×10 Units, 10×10 Units or 10×20 Units
  • 24-hour access
  • Rates as low as $48/month with no deposit
  • Drive-up access to every unit
  • RV and boat parking

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When you need to get the most out of your mini storage in Peoria IL, All Star Mini Storage can comply with your every need. Call us today at 309-431-2183, or located at 7028 W. Plank Road, Peoria, IL, 61604.