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Storage Facilities in Peoria, IL

Storage Facilities in Peoria, IL

Running out of space to store your treasured memories in Peoria, IL?

Look no further than All Star Mini Storage!

As we work, play, and travel in our lives, we accumulate memories. While some memories stay in our minds forever, some memories are there for us to hold. That first two-wheel bike you got for Christmas. All those plaques from work. The chairs from the dinette set in your first house. Maybe even your boat, once the warm months of summer are over. All these memories are precious, but at a certain point, you can’t keep them around with the new memories you’re accumulating! That’s where All Star Mini Storage can help you.

Our facility features:

  • 270 units of varying size (from 50 to 200 square feet)
  • RVs welcome
  • 24-hour, drive-up access
  • Rates starting as low at $48/month
  • No deposit required
Storage Facilities in Peoria, IL

The importance of safety and security

We understand the importance of keeping your items safe while they are in our storage facilities. All Star Mini Storage is located in a very safe area, only minutes away from the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office. But even law enforcement can’t deter every crime. To keep your memories safe, we suggest the following:

  • Purchase a heavy-duty padlock or combination lock for your storage unit(s), and always make sure the lock is secured before leaving.
  • Clearly label your items so their contents are easily identifiable.
  • Store any valuable items in the rear of the units, and stack other boxes or items in front of them so they are not easily accessed.
  • Put all your items in plain boxes or containers.
  • Do not access your unit(s) at night unless absolutely necessary. Take a friend with you to access your items whenever possible.

Committed to serving the Peoria, IL area

All Star Mini Storage is committed to exceptional customer service and excellence in our storage facilities. We also offer month-to-month rental on the storage units, so you don’t have to worry about a long-term contract. And of course, All Star Mini Storage has the best value for your money!

So if you need to safely store your memories in Peoria, IL, call (309)431-4132 or visit our full websiteNeed to put it away? Contact All Star Mini Storage today!